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1. I appreciate the purity of weddings + watching my couples fall in love over + over again. That is deeply meaningful for me

2. I'm naturally an entertainer, so I like to make people laugh + feel good

3. Not gonna lie ~ I like being in the spotlight!

4. I am such a people person. I love people + interacting with them authentically

5. The adrenaline aspect of weddings fuels me! I work well under pressure, and love the fast-paced nature of weddings + events

6. DJ'ing continues to provide me with growing opportunities. I love continuing to grow as an emcee + as an entertainer in general

7. Hyping people up! I love creating a fun atmosphere where people can relax, let their hair down + celebrate

8. The exquisite venues that I get to visit.A few of my favorite wedding venues are: Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County, Stonehurst in LA, The Saguaro in Palm Springs, and Kinkara in Costa Rica

9. Connecting with my couples. Being such an important part of their day fuels me 10. Getting to travel + do what I love anywhere in the world. Shameless plug: I am available to DJ + Emcee your wedding anywhere in the world. Some places on my bucket list: Croatia, Sweden, Bali + Iceland

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