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TTE is a docuseries centered around the belief that we are more alike than we are different.


The host, Lunakye, interviews a different "earthling" every episode. He connects to the guests on a deeper level through a series of questions about their occupation, childhood memories, passions, opinions on today's culture, and more. 


The purpose of the series is to have raw + honest conversations with one another. To discuss our deepest hopes, dreams + fears. To unite human beings who may not agree with one another's ideologies, and keep an open mind while listening to stories from different walks of life.

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"You're a better person when you understand that you don't understand.”

- Earthling, TTE OTS



Talking to Earthlings" was created by Lunakye in an effort to let his ego down, while allowing others to find their voice. After being discovered on Instagram almost two years ago, he enthusiastically dove into the world of live streaming + quickly became a household name on a popular live-streaming app. It was there that he honed his craft of asking the hard-hitting questions ~ getting to know people on a profound level, oftentimes inspiring them to open up + talk about challenges, fears, even hopes + dreams. This led him to realizing that he was passionate about being an objective journalist, and TTE was born. 




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